There are many reasons to choose a photography course

Does the course focus on what I want to do?

Our photographs are the best guide. We specialise in seascapes of the Coromandel with a particular eye on changing light and low light including long exposures, panoramas and black and whites.

When photographing an area it is always good to get a range of shots that capture the essence of the environment. The Coromandel has a wonderful coastline and a unique ecology and the forest and bird life are truly special.

Will I learn anything?

Whether you are new to photography or have many years experience, there is always something to learn. Sharing thoughts, ideas and techniques with the people on the course as well as the course tutor. In the end, judge that by the photos.

Ian Preece, our lead photographer, has been working in adventure photography for many years and will be your guide. Ian is an accomplished and experienced photographer who, in partnership with a leading Indian adventure company, pioneered photographic tours in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas.

He is accredited with the Royal Photographic Society and has exhibited in a number of public and private galleries across the UK and New Zealand.

Will I get to the right places to get a picture I want?

We live here – its not just a destination its our home so we know the area intimately. The well known places are well known for a reason but there are many other places to head to that are not too far off the beaten track and certainly no less beautiful

We go out at the right time of day. The morning and evening are typically the best times of day for the light and for fewer crowds. The light changes constantly and there are many destinations we can choose to take advantage of that. Knowing the area intimately means that we can change our destination at the last minute depending on the weather.

We travel in a long wheel based and comfortable 4 wheel drive meaning we can easily head down the less travelled paths to get to that extra special location.

Beware of photo tours that take you to beauty spots in the middle of the day then move onto the next spot on the trip too quickly. By focusing in local areas and not being driven by a fixed itinerary we can stay around for the changing light.

In end it is about what you want to photograph and get from your time with us. With small groups and the ability to change destinations as we go we can easily flex to your requirements.

Is it a place I would love to go to?

Without doubt yes

New Zealand and the Coromandel are rightly famous as travel destinations across the world. With or without a camera they are still magical places to visit.


If you are interested in one of our workshops then please get in touch

Ian's explanations were very simple and clear. He is an excellent and very knowledgeable photographer he gave me simple and straightforward advice which I found really helpful.
Nick, England