Sunset Coast

The coastline of the western Coromandel boasts some of the best sunsets in New Zealand. Skies of red and gold reflecting in the glistening waters of the Hauraki Gulf, boulders of granite glowing orange in the last rays of the waning sun, and the spreading branches of the ancient Pohutakawa fringed with the crimson Christmas Flower.

The forests are lush and green with tall podocarps, prehistoric tree ferns and epiphytes scattered amongst the verdant expanses. For nature photographers or those seeking to capture the serene beauty of the native forest, it’s a wonderful place full of flowers, insects, streams and waterfalls.

Remnants of the mining and forestry industry are scattered along the coastline between the remote villages that line the coast. A fascinating opportunity to capture images of part of New Zealands colonial past.

Seabirds gather in numbers along the fringes of the coastline providing ample opportunities for the aspiring nature photographer. Cormorants, Gulls, Gannets, Herons, Kingfishers and the elusive Dotterel which are surprisingly easy to spot if you know where to go.

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